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Le blog technique d'Amaury Balmer qui parle de technologies open-source, mais surtout de WordPress !

Plugins WordPress

Dans le cadre de mon travail et des nombreuses missions qui me sont accordées, je propose de nombreux open source sur le dépôt officiel de

Vous pouvez visionner mes plugins via mon profil.

Voici la liste des plugins à titre indicatif (forcément moins à jour que, les descriptions sont celles de !) :

  • Simple Cu3er
    Displays your portfolio via the incredible Cu3er component inside a custom post type.
  • Custom fields
    This plugin add custom fields for some things on WordPress, term taxonomy and custom object types
  • Meta for
    Add meta for any taxonomies. Meta is attached to taxonomy context and not terms, this way allow to have metas different for the same term on 2 differe
  • Relation
    Allow to build relations between 2 custom types.
  • Simple Taxonomy
    WordPress 3.0 and up allow for reasonably simple custom taxonomy, this plugin makes it even simpler, removing the need for you to write any code. All
  • Custom Post Type Order
    Add a page on admin for order items for each hierarchical custom post type
  • Simple Post GMaps
    Allow to geolocalise post with Google Maps (API in v3). No google maps key are required. You can choose with the map the position of the post on admin
  • Hyper
    Hyper Cache is flexible and easy to configure cache system for WordPress. It’s aim is to work on any installation.
  • Simple
    Simple Tags is THE perfect tool to manage perfectly your WP 3.0 tags (Tags suggestion, Mass Edit Terms (Tags and Category), Auto link tags, Ajax Autoc
  • Advanced Edit Cforms
    Advanced Edit Cforms allow to edit some parameters of Cforms as hardcoded variable and base url ! Very useful when you move or rename a WordPress blog
  • Simple SEO for Paged Comments
    Reduce SEO problems (duplicate content) when using WordPress’s paged comments. (title + content)
  • Admin Icons
    Admin Icons allow to replace original icons with an another set. (from Project Icon) or your personnal creation.
  • Simple Deezer
    This plugin add 2 to easily put a Deezer Player into post content. (compatible 2.5, 2.6, 2.7)
  • Simple WYMeditor
    Simple WYMeditor is an integration of the visual editor WYMeditor into WordPress.
  • Clean old tags
    Clean old tags and options of these plugins: Simple , Ultimate Tag Warrior, Bunny’s Technorati Tags, Jerome’s Keywords 1.9 and 2.0 beta
  • Simple Tagging
    Simple Tagging is another tagging plugin for WordPress: smarter, better, faster :-) Tag Cloud, Posts, Related Tags, Tags Tabs (new!) and more.